Gisele Edwards (June 2016)

posted 17 Jun 2016, 22:53 by Désirée Ratcliffe-Lattimore   [ updated 17 Jun 2016, 22:58 ]

Comfortable, very convenient location. We were met by a friend as landlady was away who told us what we needed to know (she just mentioned the supermarkets closed at 6/7 when in fact is 8. :). No complaints.

Gisele Edwards (June 2016)

 What Gisele thought you could improve about the experience: 
Would be nice to be able to have a cup of tea on arrival and not to have to buy everything from scratch, e.g.. salt, tea, etc. I understand the host has said that such items go off their use by date/accumulate, however I think their value to the guests outweighs that.

 Accuracy feedback: 
Simply makes it look larger than it is. Otherwise accurate.

 Amenities feedback: 
Airbed was absent on arrival but provided later.

Gisele Edwards (June 2016)

Response from Desiree:

We agree! It would be nice to be able to have a cup of tea on arrival and not to have to buy everything from scratch, e.g.. salt, tea, etc. However in order to comply with food hygiene standards all items must be unopened and within the use by date. 

Back in 2005 when we started our Furnished Holiday Lettings business we used to provide all of these things and a welcome pack including a full English breakfast 
  • we found that there was a lot of waste - they were not used (not to some people 's tastes) even specifically requested items 
  • went out of date (we had to throw a lot away) 
  • if they were opened they were unfinished creating even more waste (we don't cope well with wasting things) so we decided to not provide food stuffs unless specifically requested 
  • we offer to shop for an arrival welcome pack and we discovered most guests prefer to shop for themselves choosing their own items. 

We travel to the USA a lot and like you we love to drink tea so we always pack English Breakfast tea bags, sugar and milk sachets (they all fit into a small plastic container) just a few to tide us over until we can re-provision, we also take a dual voltage travel kettle as Americans only have filter coffee makers and that makes an absolutely terrible cup of tea! 

We now send a Booking and Arrival Preferences questions to guests when the reservation is confirmed covering beds, arrival times, arrival food and drink - do you think that would work for you and your group in the future?