Elena Cernat Isachi (December 2015)

posted 9 Dec 2015, 02:46 by Désirée Ratcliffe-Lattimore   [ updated 1 Jan 2016, 02:14 ]
Elena-Violeta Cernat-Isachi
Elena Cernat Isachi

Hi Desiree! Thank you for your help! When I left the house, the ladies in charge for cleaning arrived. My staying was nice and I am thanking you and the house owners for that! Me and Silvia are on our way to the airport. Hope to collaborate again in the future :). Happy holidays and all the best! Cheers! Elena 

December 2015
Response from Desiree

Hi Elena & Silvia - Thank you so much for staying with us - hope to see you again - Merry Christmas - Desiree

December 2015