George Niedringhaus (October 2016)

posted 13 Nov 2016, 00:06 by Désirée Ratcliffe-Lattimore

George Niedringhaus
London, United Kingdom
October 2016
Desiree was organised and responsive and the house is definitely in a quiet, yet convenient location. 
I don't believe that the double bed in one bedroom is actually a king - it seemed more like a US full/double size so sleeping for two (small) adults was a challenge. 
Parking is available up the street in a large garage and there is a good diner close by. 
The place was clean but has been well-used and could use some updating.

What George thought you could improve about the experience: 
Already addressed

Accuracy feedback: 
Your guest mentioned some issues that weren’t accurately reflected in your listing description: amenities. 
Additional comments: “2-person bed was tiny - smaller than advertised and so we didn't get much sleep (and my wife and I are both small people). 
Also, linens were old, stained and missing key items - i.e. top sheets. 
Towels were cheap and worn. ”.

Cleanliness feedback: 
Your guest suggested that your space could be cleaner in the following areas: floors and carpet, towels and linens, odours, bathroom. 
Additional comments: “House generally clean but carpets and linens were worn/dated and there was a lingering bad smell of what seemed to be wood floor cleaner. 
Also it smelled of cigarettes. 
The bathroom could use an extractor fan (for background noise if nothing else).”.

Amenities feedback: 
I'd recommend the following: a) replace double bed with a proper sized one - at least a queen. b) replace towels and linens. c) replace furniture. d) get rid of smells.

Location feedback: 
We never were able to get a Zone R parking space so just ended up paying for the parking structure (after our ticket). 
I think it would be wise to tell people that's the default option. 
The cost was reasonable enough. 
The road was blocked when we arrived (due to construction) so it would have been nice to know about that prior.

Response from Desiree: 
There is often a confusion over USA and UK bed sizes what UK call a king size bed is a USA double size bed - so please accept our apologies. Thanks for the feedback George we are working on your suggestions of updating.

All feed back now acted upon.