Recycling Collection

Put all your clean, dry and loose recycling in your green bin(s) – this includes:
  • Newspapers / magazines, brochures and cardboard (not take-away Pizza boxes due to food debris)
  • Telephone directories such as Yellow Pages
  • Cans and tins (clean food and drink cans)
  • Plastic bottles (clean and no lids, please)
  • Domestic empty aerosols without lids (no ‘hazardous symbols)
  • Greetings cards
Please do not squash or pierce the cans and please remove any plastic lids.

Excess Recycling

WCC will collect as much recycling as your household can put out. You can either purchase additional green bins for this or put items in an open plastic box or clear plastic bag next to your bin.

Please do not leave cardboard boxes out if it is likely to rain before your collection, they can be impossible to pick up and could damage the machinery.

You can also recycle extra items including glass or textiles at:
Bottle and textile banks (Local recycling centers or 'Bring sites')
Household waste recycling centers (HWRC)
Recycling Bin
What can't go in the bin - common examples of non-recyclables are:
  • Plastic carrier bag
  • Non bottle shaped plastics, like yoghurt pots or margarine tubs
  • Glass (bottles and jars can go in the local bottle bank)
  • Textiles, clothes and shoes (These can be recycled at local bring sites – Look out for the blue bins!)
  • Shredded or tissue paper
  • Polystyrene
  • Food and drinks cartons (such as those made by Tetra Pak)
  • Wrapping paper

Although the majority of recycling bins are green some residents may have a smaller black bin that they use for recycling. 

This is perfectly acceptable and crews will still empty on the recycling week provided they can identify the bin with the embossed recycling logo on the lid.