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Winchester Self Catering Accommodation

Self-Catering Accommodation in Winchester  - Accommodation with its own kitchen and bathroom facilities. Most take bookings by the week, generally from a Friday or Saturday, but short breaks are increasingly common.
Insurance companies will often rent our self catering accommodation in Winchester as temporary accommodation for their clients who are Winchester residents maybe elderly or families with young children unlucky enough to have experienced a household disaster event such as flooding!

All our properties can operate as self catering accommodation and can supply a seamless transition in continuing with everyday living for 1 to 4 family members for the few weeks or months needed whilst their home is made in habitable. 

Self catering apartments, Self catering cottages and Self catering houses in Winchester are often the most appropriate alternative accommodation to the usual hotel rooms for these people because they can have more of their personal possessions around them than they can in a hotel room which can help with the stress levels of being temporarily housed. 

The insurance company’s client can also monitor day-to-day progress of the work whilst their property undergoes repair.
Parents often come to stay in the self catering apartments in Winchester to provide support to their children who are attending Winchester College and St Swithuns during exam revision time, sporting events, teacher/parent meetings and parent association events.