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Winchester Aparthotel

What is an Aparthotel 


Providing hotel-like offering such as
  • 24/7 manned reception on site – room telephone connection to the front desk
  • Additional services on demand
  • Minimum once-weekly cleaning (more often at extra charge)
  • Food and beverage offering in property or within close proximity (either operated or outsourced)
  • Creating sense of community by providing common areas such as gym, courtyard etc.
  • Laundry if not provided in units
  • On average larger units than at a standard hotel including mix of studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, in some cases three-bedroom units
  • Essential that it is possible to work, cook/eat and sleep in each self-contained unit, whatever the size. Wardrobe / storage appropriate to the size of unit is also important
  • In-room Kitchen/kitchenette, appropriate to the size of unit
  • No minimum stay

Important differentiation factors from corporate housing

  • Planning: short let planning (C1) – NOTE: an entity which has a minimum stay of 30 or 90 days is NOT an Aparthotel.
  • Compliant with all building standards, health & safety, fire & life safety, insurance and planning controls relevant to short-term traveller accommodation
  • Ranging in standard from economy to luxury depending on brand standards
  • Fixed inventory
  • Staff employed on site